Charging Station - Indicator Lights

Hi - can someone help me understand what the flashing light indicators mean on the charging station? What if it’s 3 solid lights and 1 flashing? I remember seeing this on the manual but I can’t find it online.


Hi @AlvinTan. The lights on the Charging Station should be an indication of how charged your Quick Release Battery is. 3 full lights would indicate a 75% charge, with the last light indicating that it is still charging to 100%. I hope this helps.

Hi, I have three charging stations, I just loaded them up with dead batteries, and most of them work, but charger 1- one side has a solid first light, the other is blinking as it should
chrger 2- left side only “light 2” is on, solid, right side is blinking normal
chrger 3- (same problem as 2), left side solid “light 2”, and right side blinking light 1.

Please let me know what this indicates? Thank you, David


I am having this issue too with one of the batteries, just led 2 is lit up

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Remove the usb-c cable and rotate it 180 degrees. All the lights should light or the ones that represent the current charge of the batteries. I had the same issue and just did what I state above. Good luck.


So you’re saying that Ring took a USB-C connection, which is designed to work either way up, and made it only work one way up ? /boggle!!

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