Charged out of the blue - poor service

So I woke up to a negative balance in my account due to Ring Charging a plan i didn’t have signed up for…all they could do was reverse it and say sorry…that took over an hour to complete…something I didn’t even do. The supervisor insult offers 10 dollar credit asks if thats ok i say no and only offers 20 credit…really need to find another service…this is a formal complaint because i can’t find any email to do so. Its not right…check your bills people they do not give you a heads up before charging.

Hi @fotoone1. When you sign up for a Ring Protect plan, it is either a monthly or annual subscription that will automatically renew on your billing date unless you cancel it. If you need to cancel your Ring Protect plan, you can find steps on how to do that here. Thanks for sharing your feedback, and I hope this information helps clear things up.

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