Charge to helpdesk

I had a faulty Chime and it cost me £20.87 to call the helpdesk and get the product replaced. I pay £80 a year so I was very angry when I received my phone bill. I WAS NOT AWARE that I was being charged. Is this normal practice for Ring?

Hi @tonym10. Just to be on the same page, was this a charge that came from your phone service provider from contacting our support team? We do have multiple numbers that are specific to the region you are calling from. Where are you located? Thank you.


Yes it was my phone service provider making the charge when I contacted the Ring support center. The number I rang was [01727 26 3045](tel:01727 26 3045) as Iam in Leicestershire UK. This number was taken from your website.

Hey @tonym10, happy to step in for Tom here. The number you dialed is the correct support number for the United Kingdom. I would recommend following up with your phone service provider to inquire about the charges as they may be specific to your phone plan or your service provider’s terms and conditions.


Calls are free on my current phone tarrif apart from premium numbers. My point is that at no stage was I made away that I was being charged by Ring. You should have something on your website and when you are connecting to your service.

What is your charges for ringing the helpdesk?

@tonym10 Thank you for sharing that feedback with us. Since this was a charge given to you by your phone provider, you’ll need to reach out to them directly to follow up on it.