Changing WiFi providers

On Moinday May 11 I chaqnged my WiFi provider from Spectrum to Google. Now my two ring devices (one outdoor and one doorbell) will not work as I need to update the WiFi provider on the devices. Do I need to physically remove each device and how do I update them???

Hi @Soyyo. To update the wifi connection, you will need to go one device at a time to get them connected again. In the Ring app, if you go into the Main Menu > Devices > Select one device at a time > Device Health > Reconnect or Change Wifi Network. This will take you through the setup process where you connect the device to the Ring Setup Network and then to your new wifi network. You shouldn’t have to remove the devices from the location, but instead press the setup button for each device when prompted to in the app. This is what is needed to get the device connected to the setup network before your wifi. Let me know how that goes for you! :slight_smile:

What about the chime? I did my doorbell just fine but the chime won’t connect after resetting it.