Changing email address

Let me start by saying I need to change my email address.

I am really curious for the reasoning behind locking down a user’s email address. As a software engineer by trade, I am coming up with a blank as to the rational, especially with 2-factor authentication enabled. If an email address is compromised, it is just allowing the attacker to have additional time to potentially access the account while the legitimate user struggles to secure their Ring account.

Does Ring provide any rational for this design decision?

Sorry to hear about this @NFlorida! At Ring we value your security and your privacy. In addition to secure login authentication features, there are also various ways to control your privacy via the Ring app, and through via web browser. When it comes to email changes, this is best done with our support team by phone, as it cannot be done within the Ring app.

Check out our Community post which explains this further, and the best steps to reach support.