Change the distance settings

I need to adjust the distance settings because it goes off with every passing car! Upon setup I put 30’, need to reduce to 15-20’.

Hey there, @Paula. Can you be more specific on your concern, including what product you are dealing with? If you’re referencing motion detection settings, these can normally be changed through your device > Motion Settings > and then adjusting them. You could use our Motion Wizard feature to optimize the settings to your location. Let me know if you’re still stuck, I’d love to help! :smiley_cat:

I have been trying to do this, but there is no “Motion Settings” tab that appears on my app or on the desktop website version of my account. Where can I find them?

Which device do you have. Motion features vary by device type

Thanks. We’ve got a Doorbell 2. I was able to reach support by phone. I had logged into the shared user account we have. Apparently only the main user can adjust motion settings. So, I logged in with my wife’s information and got the settings changed. Thank you for your reply.

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How can I change the distance on my ring bell it’s at 30 but need to make it less,