Change position of SOS Button

After the latest update the position of the SOS button has caused me to accidentally sound the siren 3 times at my home scaring the crap out of my family.

On iOS to close out of a camera live feed you have to hit the X in the top left, this is unreachable when using the phone with one hand. To reach it I use the swipe down reachability feature on the home gesture bar: Adjust touch settings on iPhone - Apple Support

Because the SOS button is sooo close to the gesture bar In the middle now I keep accidentally triggering it. Yea there is a confirmation screen but the huge main button on it is “Sound Siren Only”. Why isn’t that a swipe gesture like the police/fire/emt response ones?

I’d love if you could either choose where to put the SOS button or just get it away from the home gesture bar at the bottom middle.