Change number of chirps for each door

So, I’m in bed getting ready for sleep and two chirps sound off from the alarm next to my bed and the one by the door to the garage. What just happened? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a door or window, I don’t know which floor it’s on. I only know that I have to get up, fire up a computer/smart (dumb) device and figure it out half asleep.
I can count the number of chimes on the grandfather clock and tell the time.
But it might take me an hour to figure out which sensor is going off. ugh…
Can y’all help!

We have 5 exterior doors.
Currently they all chirp twice, so we have no idea which door is being opened.
Is there any way to change the number of chirps?
If so, pleaseeeeee post an answer. thx in advance.
if not, pleaseeeeee consider programing this feature in the future…
same issue with windows (only worse due to number of windows)…
geeeeeeze, now I need a scorecard to figure out which sensor is not working correctly, or low on battery!!!
Sensor # = which window/door??? OK to keep number, but I’d love to name each one…
Can that be done?
4 doors at 2 levels of ground
11 windows at 2 levels of ground
1 door, 4 windows at deck
14 windows at 2nd/3rd floors.
But I cannot figure out which thingy is chiming…ugh…
Even if I could have up to five chirps for doors = wonderful…
If I could only have 3 then at least I would know which floor it was on…
Can you help?

Hi @rvshopping. I know how this can be enough to drive a person crazy! What I’ve done is change the chirp tone for different doors. For instance, my Front Door plays the “Navi” tone whereas my Side Door plays the “Harp” tone. So when I hear a “Navi” tone play, I know that my Front Door is opening. To do this, simply open the Ring app and select the Contact Sensor or your choosing. From there, tap on the Chirp Tones tile to change and save your option. Try it and let me know if it helps!

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