Change modes on doorbells and cameras with alexa

I would like to be able to change modes using alexa i know you can with ring alarm but not with doorbel and cameras please fix this as i keep forgetting to re arm my cameras at night and alexa could do that for me as a routine!,

I bought an Video Doorbell Pro because it was stated that it was Alexa Compatible. There are some Alexa features that are supported like Announcements. What Infuriates me is that Alexa isn’t able to switch Home/Away/Disarmed Modes. Everyone seems to point out the Ring Document " Arming and Disarming Your Alarm with Alexa" This sounds like it works with Ring Alarms but not Video Doorbell. So I figured I would work around this by creating an Alexa Routine but the Video Doorbell is Listed under UNSUPPORTED DEVICES even though the ad boasts Alexa integration. I find having to look for my phone to switch from Home to Away or Disarm a HUGE PITA. I’m about ready to junk it and find something else. When I called support they pointed out a Ring Support Article on creating a Routine, which I suspect that was written for the Ring Alarm System, maybe that is a supported device. When I pointed out it was an Unsupported Device in the Alexa App they said call Amazon Support. Really, Ring wrote the drivers and Skills you should make them truly Alexa Compatible!
Anybody Out There found a way around this or a Different Video Doorbell that works?
This device has been around for a while, so I don’t see Ring updating the Alexa Integration anytime soon.

You are not alone. There are other requests for mode changes via Alexa for non-Ring Alarm users.

Huge +1 on this. I’ve got a Ring Doorbell, plus 3 indoor cams. In Home mode, the Doorbell is active, the cams are off. In Away mode everything is active. I’ve got a Alexa routine that will set Alexa into Guard mode (non-paid version), and set my Honeywell alarm system (Total Connect) into Away mode all with one voice command. It’s frustrating that I can’t change the Ring mode to Away at the same time.

Simple request that I am a bit shocked doesn’t already exist.

Ability to ask Alexa to Arm or Disarm Ring Cameras.

Hey neighbors, great news! Our teams have worked with Alexa to update this feature so you can now arm or disarm your system even if you only have Ring Security Cameras and Doorbells. For more information and steps on how to set this up in Alexa, please check out the Help Center article below. :slight_smile: