Change Installed Mailbox Sensor Batteries?

Has anyone had to change their mailbox sensor batteries once its been installed, and how did you open the sensor to change the batteries? You can’t get your fingers underneath the tabs on each side once the sensor has been glued in place. To add to this problem, I have the mailbox sensor mounted inside of my mailbox in the back. Had to install it this way since the back of the mailbox faces my house and mounting the antenna on the back gives me the best signal.

Hi @j0hnmsch. This Help Center article here has a instructional video that shows you how to change the batteries. I hope this helps!

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Hi Tom,
Unfortunately, that video does not cover how to change the batteries once the sensor is installed.
As mentioned above, I had to install the sensor inside the mailbox on the back, along with the antenna on the back, outside the mailbox. Given the length of my driveway, this was my only option.
When reaching inside the mailbox, only 1 arm will fit to reach all the way back to the sensor and it seems impossible to lift up both tabs on the sensor to change the batteries one-handed.
Someone else must have run into this situation before!