Change chime from US to UK plug

Can you buy the plug part for the chime for different countries? I just moved from the USA to the uk and I need a uk 3 pin plug not the USA 2 plug. Many thanks

The US mains is 110volts while the UK mains is 240 volts. While you can get an adapter from Amazon there is likely to be a large bang when you plug it in as the internal electrical circuits are probably not rated for the higher voltage.

Should be ok as the name plate shows it having a voltage range 110-240 and 50/60hz I.e dual voltage/freq. Moving from USA to uk I’ve had to scrap about 50% of my electrical goods because some were 110 only but the dual stuff is fine. I think ring have 1 sku for the chime and just change out the removable plug pin piece (the photo in my original post). But that removable part doesn’t appear to be available as a spare part unfortunately. Ring guy told me just to be an adapter from amazon. Thanks anyway



I wish on occasions I pay more attention to detail - I didnt look at your original photo - doh!

Still I’m sure I have devices with similar changeable power plug options which would fit. I’m at my daughters this weekend but when I get home on Monday I’ll try and remember to check what I’ve got and that may point to a suitable option. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at the devices I have. Both a Bose charger for the QC35 headphones and a Phihong power supply have a similar slide in UK plug adapter. The Phihong UK plug is available from:

While the adapter should slide onto the Chime unit I’m not convinced it will lock in place as well as the original part but it may be worth a punt as they are not expensive. The alternative is to use the US adapter with a US to UK power adapter which will be a tad inelegant. I hope this is helpful.


Thank you, that is really helpful. Really very appreciated. I’ll have a look.

I had a look in the box for a UK ring and that comes with a UK plug and a EU plug adapter, just for reference.

Thank you again

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