Centralized battery status check

File this under "it would be neat if . . . "

It would be helpful to have a central point to check the battery status of all security devices rather than having to go to each one to make sure batteries are ok. I know that the devices will alert me when the batteries are low but I tend to err on the OCD side and like to see where they are, rather than just “exhausted”, on a regular basis. I can plan better, have replacements on hand and get a better feel for overal usage rate. One stop shopping for battery status across all devices.


Also, asking for this feature. With several battery based devices 10+ (sensors, motion detectors, cameras, doorbell, etc.) a single point of reference for battery only would be great!


This would be very useful for vacation homes, when you are closing up the house for the season and want to make sure all of the batteries have a minimum level left. Or when going on vacation and you don’t want a low battery situation when you are gone.