Carplay support for notifications and mode changes

HELLO April 2024!!! It looks like Ring has had customers asking for this important safety feature since July 2020. Thats about 4 years of customers requesting this feature so they dont have to take their eyes off of the road while they are disarming their alarm system to enter their garages. As a person with over 24 years of IT experience this isn’t a very hard thing to do nor would it cost much. That is unless Apple is charging them a fee to have their product work with Apple CarPlay. My guess is that Ring doesn’t look at any of these forums and supply’s them to customers so they can self service themselves. Perhaps we should take to social media? Prior to having Ring I had a very simple home alarm system. It came with a keychain fob that had one button to turn off the system. It was a bit archaic but to be honest it was FAR easier to turn off the system in my driveway when returning home.

Perhaps Ring will just have to deal with a situation where someone is hurt while the diver of a vehical is fiddling with their iPhone while attempting to turn off the Ring alarm system. That does seem to be the way of corporations. Simply wait until someone is hurt or killed then do something. Who knows.

I say we blow up social media. That seems to be the best solution.