Card declined


I have tried to subscribe to Ring protection plan for more than 2 months and it doesn’t work… It’s comes a message every time that my card is declined BUT i have money on my card and i have talked to my bank and they can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work at their end and they say that it most be a problem on Rings website. I have talked to Ring several times and they can’t help me. I have tried my spouses card to but it is the same problem and Ring doesn’t seem to be interested to get my money and get their website to accept cards they say they accept. Have anybody had the same problem and managed to fixed it them self? I have NEVER had to work this hard to pay a company before…

Hi @user73211. I’m not sure what could be causing this issue. Feel free to reach out to our team on Facebook to look into this for you. Please follow up with our by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

Nobody seems to know what the problem is and Nobody at Ring is interested in fixing the problem. I have talked to Ring support so many times to try to fix this problem but Ring does NOTHING!!! I have asked Ring to work it out for months now and STILL nothing have been fixed. I can buy stuff on ring website but i can not subscribe to the protection plan which makes all may cameras and doorbells WORTHLESS if i can’t record. I wouldn’t recommend people in Europe to buy RING because all RING has to say now then i talk to them is get an credit card. I don’t need or want a credit card all i need is my debit card which is a card Ring accept and it work on very website i have tried it on EXCEPT for Ring. FIX YOUR WEBSITE so we in Europe can subscribe to or stop selling your cameras in Europe. ToTom at Ring i don’t have Facebook or Twitter.

Hi @user73211. We’d love to assist you with this. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to your personal account information to be able to dive into this issue. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, they are simple to setup and only take a few minutes to create. Once your support ticket is closed with a Facebook or Twitter, you can delete your account.

Im having the same issue. Card keeps on declining even though funds are there.

Customer service said it my banks problem.

Actually its a website problem!!