Carcam Mounting Adhesive Failure in Heat - Solution

For those who have had trouble with the carcam not sticking to the windshield in the heat, I attached it to the windshield with suction cups. It is holding well after I have spent $40 in 3M and 2 other brands of double-sided mounting tape. I used a suction case designed for a cell phone (a silicone pad with suction cups on one side, adhesive on the flat side. I trimmed a piece to fit and adhered it to the camera. The suction cups work great. Don’t spend money on tape.

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Hi @user49289. Thank you for sharing this DIY solution that worked for you! The heat can definitely wear down adhesives in some of the hotter states out there, so this may be a great alternative for some neighbors. :slight_smile:

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Please share suction please and how you it was attached. TIA

Adding myself to the list of people who live in super hot climates. If anyone can clearly explain which types of adhesive or suction cups that work, please share !

Just installed these. Hopefully it stays!

Hi @Davetechlee. That looks like a great solution. Be sure to follow up with up and let us know how this holds up over time.