Car Door Contact

We have a LOT of car door testers that walk around my neighborhood at night, many cars have been vandalized when the car owner simply forgets to lock the door before bed. I myself have been a victim. Now while I sometimes forget to lock my car, I always set my Ring alarm system before bed. My car is alway in the driveway, right under a floodlight camera and in good rage of my WiFi so I have considered purchasing a door contact to add to my car. While many camera have caught these criminals on video the light does not scare them and the videos rarely lead to any justice for the victim. BUT…if my floodlight siren were linked to a vehicle specific contact, I believe they would run fast in the other direction. The standard contact could work fine, but I think Ring needs to add vehicle security to their suite of products. Maybe an interior vehicle camera/motion sensor that would let them know to find somewhere else to steal spare change? Maybe a stand alone alarm kit for the vehicle? I don’t know but many of us need help because this type of petty crime is becoming a weekly threat to our neighborhoods. HELP US RING TEAM!