Car Camera that works with sunshade when parked and works on rechargeable battery

I want a car camera that records when parked and not when driving unless activated. In the summer I put a sunshade in my windshield, and that makes the current car cam no good for protection when parked unless someone breaks into the car.

I don’t want to record while driving and only want to turn on recording when I am in the car if pulled over by a cop.

I don’t like the idea of connecting the cam to my car because I don’t trust that it isn’t collecting data.

how about a camera that works on a rechargeable battery just like I can do with stick up cams and doorbell? And that protects against vandalism or break ins? Just a camera for use when parked and that can be manually turned on when driving, so a battery like other cams would work fine. give us the option.

plus how do I put my sun shade up and have a car cam do me any good when parked unless someone breaks in?

The reason rechargeable batteries aren’t found in dashcams is that lithium ion batteries cannot safely operate at the extremely high temperatures a parked car can experience.

If you want a simple solution, a Vantrue cam or similar with a hardwire kit (you basically wire it to a fuse that’s always on, and the parking cable has a voltage detector that shuts it off it the car’s battery drops too low) would do the trick.

IIRC there are many settings you can choose from, although I can’t recall if you can stop it from recording when driving automatically (but it’s one button to stop the recording).

Most dash cams are not connected to the internet. If they have WiFi it’s to direct transfer footage to your phone. (Some fancier ones do have LTE/WiFi cloud functionality).