Car Camera going to sleep too soon regardless of settings

Recently I got the Ring Car Camera for my 2021 vehicle after testing for a few days I have one major gripe - Regargless of the battery setting I select in my settings, my camera goes to sleep and powers down in no longer then 10-15 minutes after the car is turned off.
The only time it does stay on longer is if I am sitting in the car watching it and therefore moving around to keep it awake. Today I sat in the car on my lunch break during a troubleshooting call with Ring and the car was off the entire time and for my entire 1 hour lunch break with me sitting in the car with the car off and the door open I was able to continuouly go to live view and turn on the camera to view the inside or outside of the car.
So by me sitting the in the car, moving a bit the camera did NOT go to sleep in the 10-15 min time frame as it has all other days.
However, in continual testing once I got back to work and parked my car and went into work, therefore not sitting inside to keep it awake the camera went off in 15-16 minutes even when on the “High” battery usage setting.
When I called Ring support they were curious if my cars OBD port was loosing power when the car got shut off but my earlier testing over my lunch break while I was on the phone with them proved that to be false since for nearly an hour the camera remained connected to the power but I had to be sitting inside the car moving to keep it awake.
This to me is a huge flaw and needs to be corrected. The whole point of the being able to select the battery usage setting is to allow the camera to remain on longer if we would like but this apparent sleep mode seems to override the power that I now know the car OBD plug and car camera device are still getting and due to lack of motion in the car the camera overrides and goes to sleep and is unable to be woken until the car is turned back on.
So for example, if I were to park, go into a store, Dr. office, etc. for an hour (or anything over 10 minutes) it would go off and go to sleep and it would not detect if my car was hit while it was park or if someone broke a window to steal my car or something inside.
I had a very helpful tech support call with Ring about this but there is no fix yet so please vote for this or report it if you are having the same issue of your camera going to sleep just minutes after parking so we can hopefully get this flaw fix.

The other thing I also suggested to them is for us to be able to view previously recorded videos when the car is off. Right now you can only view previous videos when the car is on and the device has power. I think until the video is overrode or recorded over or deleted we should be able to view the videos in the app. I discovered this trying to show a friend who was asking about the car camera when they were thinking of getting one but I could not show them the video quality since my car was off and parked a few blocks away.

Join the crowd, in disappointment anyway. A LOT are complaining about new (or newer) vehicles having this issue (me included) leaving our ride’s unmonitored. Support is basically nonexistent. They don’t even know the details of its operation! Shame on Ring/Amazon!

I confirmed the operating voltage hysteresis is 12.20V - 12.80V and the blue LED on the OBD-II connector starts blinking when it trips the lower voltage point (12.20). It continues to blink (and prepares for shutdown) until the voltage trips the higher (12.80V) trigger point (like starting the vehicle), at which point the blue LED stops blinking and shut-down is aborted. Otherwise, it’s countdown to OFF.

Ring really needs to move the lower point down to 12.00-12.05V to satisfy a larger application base. They’ve had some time to release an update, but are about to fail, as many of us are nearing the end of the return window.

Nice Beta run, Ring. Hope you learned something :wink: Renewed product soon to be available. So sad, has lots of potential (see my other post in who’s sending it back)

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I’ve had the same problem in a 2019 Silverado. It’s useless for security if it’s off most of the time. You should be able to wake it up as well when you try to access it from the app.

I have one Ring CarCam and two Owlcams.

After using both for several months, the Owlcams win hands down. Here’s the reason.

When I go to dinner, shopping, or jogging and I’m gone for several hours away from my car parked in a public place, THAT IS WHEN I NEED PROTECTION. I do not need that protection when my car is at home in a locked and secure garage.

Owlcam can stay “ON” and protecting for hours and up to three days. Ring Car Cam shuts down after minutes. That is like Ring’s home cam’s turning off at night.

Ring’s smarter than that so please get this corrected. Or buy Owlcam!