Car Camera app and motion detection of owner

My biggest gripe with Ring is the app. There should be a separate app just for the car camera. The normal Ring app isn’t optimized to be a dash cam companion app. I don’t care about my neighbors that much to get their alerts when they think they have a trespasser.

Plus it should know when you walk up to the car somehow so it doesn’t alert you to motion since it’s your own car

I don’t think a separate app is necessary since the Car Cam is within the Ring family. However, I think there should be an option to choose what you see in the app. Like modules. You have a Car Cam, you choose that. You also have a Ring Doorbell, choose that as well. Etc.

As for owner identification, I think Ring can come up with a solution where the Car Cam knows your phone is approaching and therefor disable that notification. However, what if you leave your phone in your vehicle by accident? Then you’ll have to rely only on interior activity alerts.

Lots of opportunity for sure. Just remember, this is public version 1.0 so don’t expect everything under the sun. It will get better.

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The main issue I am having with the car camera is not being able to load and view videos if my car is off and parked. We should be able to view videos when the car is off!!!

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Totally agree. If it’s already connected to OBD-II it should know if the doors are unlocked. It’s so irritating to get a million alerts about motion when you’re just getting in your car.