Car Cam -where are my videos

I let the 2-week trial lapse because nothing seemed to work. When you go to the app on the phone. In general, you see three different descriptions at the bottom of the video. One says Driving , One say Motion , and one says Live view . But there are NO VIDEOS stored in the cloud? I don’t care about viewing the video when I am sitting I the car with it running. Isn’t it supposed to upload it to the cloud Via Wi-Fi like every other one of my RING camera’s? Where is the video? It still does not work

Hi @Grinngotts. The Car Cam supports two methods to capture recorded events: local and cloud storage. All recorded events are stored locally within Car Cam’s internal memory. A Ring Protect Go subscription enables Cloud Highlights. Without a subscription, you won’t have any footage uploaded to the cloud storage, and you won’t be able to download or share video clips.

You can still view locally stored footage in the Ring app without a subscription, as long as the Car Cam is powered and connected to wifi. If the Car Cam is not connected to wifi, you won’t be able to view locally stored footage, as an internet connection is required for that. If you have any other questions, or you’re unable to access local footage when the Car Cam is powered and connected, please follow up with our support team to look into this further.

That’s fine but not accurate. Even in the trial window my cam did not upload videos to the cloud. I would use the iOS app to look at my cam, and it would say motion or driving but show no video .

The product truth and value is unclear and your marketing team LIED about how it works. Your team should be ashamed . I am not going to pay for another ring subscription for something that does not work and your team Lied about.

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