Car Cam turns off too soon

I just spend 30 minutes on the phone with Tier 2 support. He was the intermediary between me and his “Supervisor”, who he was texting. What was striking to me is that his supervisor appeared to have heard of this problem for the first time. After the basics of did he un-plug, re-plug etc. his expert opinion was that my car must be “incompatible”. The rep was very helpful and also frustrated with the responses. He tried to escalate it to Tier 3 but they were unavailable so he offered to send me a new unit which I refused. I will try Tier 3 Monday and then return it if they are not aware of the problem either. So my request to Ring support reps on this thread, please review my experience before asking others to just call support. They do not have any new information and in some cases they are not even aware of this problem.

No. Once it’s OFF, it’s OFF until the vehicle is started - no remote anything, no blinking LED - OFF. See my post in this thread about voltage thresholds.

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I call B.S. I installed a brand new car battery because the cam told me my car battery was low. It was nearly 5 years old so I figured it was time.
Now, about a month later, the Ring Cam is shutting off because of “low battery”. Either this cam doesnt know what its talking about and is prematurely shutting off, or its draining my battery like mad.

Ring Car Cam is a prime example of why I don’t USUALLY buy the first gen of a product. Figured Ring knew what they were doing by now. I was wrong.


Wow!! I’m so glad I found all these issues here with the Ring Carcam because I thought it was just me or maybe mine was defective? I have all the exact same complaints though and I also have a new BMW 430i and a good battery, but my cam shuts off after an hour of getting home. I also don’t like the fact that even though it shuts off by itself, that it doesn’t continuously still record things! I mean that makes no sense if your car gets vandalized or hit during that time and you have no proof it, even though you have the Ring. It completely defeats the purpose. This is extremely disappointing, and I am also not happy with the night clarity and vision…it’s so dark you can barely make anything out. Thankfully I’m in my 30 days to return, I gave it 3 weeks but I think it’s time to return and find something that actually works. Thanks everyone for all this feedback & info, it helped me out!

Ring, you seriously need to adjust this threshold or give users the option to adjust it. I sure hope it’s not hard wired with a resistor divider in hardware. On one of my cars the camera shuts off 5 mins after the engine is off. It makes the device useless!

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