Car Cam Battery update for Electric/Hybrid cars

Need to update the settings in the app to allow for those that own either an electric or hybrid car, as battery drain is much different then a regular car battery drain. I want mine set to allow my car cam to never shut down, because my car has a built in feature that will auto shut down if anything is draining the battery. So, that I get the most benefit from the car cam. Plus allow for elecric/hybrid owners to get the full use of the product.

I too, want 24hr coverage - THOUGHT I BOUGHT IT, or I might have reconsidered. This feature should be for ALL vehicles, not just EV’s & hybrids. Leave the default enabled for the PPL that might not completely understand the consequences. But for those of us that do, allow us to assume that responsibility. Ring needs to STOP hiding behind liability and join the rest of the world!

8 days in return window and counting down…


My Hybrid car with Ring Car Cam will not drain the battery by being on for the ridiculously short time it does. I think the Car Cam is not seeing the car is running so it turns off almost right away sometimes. I’ll drive across town and 10-15 minutes later “car cam has turned off to save battery”

It’s on the highest setting. This is not acceptable. It wasn’t like this until recently. Let me leave it over for a certain time frame at least. Like 2 days! Right now it’s between 10 minutes and 10 hours max. Leave the camera on all the time forever!

This cannot and will not be fixed so set your expectations. I was an early adopter and support reached out to me and we worked on this issue for over a month. It was escalated to the development team. They finally admitted that the real issue is that newer vehicles are noticing a power drain from the OBDII port and shutting down the camera. They obviously had not taken this into account! I was expecting them to rename this to “Drive Cam” by now but I think they are busy coming up with an incompatible list of cars instead so they can tell you, sorry your car isn’t compatible. Another untested product from Ring not ready for Primetime.

Absolutely, your suggestion is spot on and aligns perfectly with the vision of Nerdycar. It’s crucial for the app settings to cater to the distinctive requirements of electric and hybrid vehicle enthusiasts. Implementing an option that prevents auto-shutdown, especially when these cars come equipped with their own battery management systems, would undoubtedly enhance the app’s utility. Ensuring that electric and hybrid car owners can fully harness the potential of Nerdycar’s guides and reviews are fantastic approach to augment its value and accommodate a wider user base. Your feedback holds significant potential in advancing the overall user experience.