Car Cam - Add vehicle speed to the in motion video recording

There are a few features missing from this car cam. It’s marketed as a dash cam but this is more like a mobile security camera that lacks core features other less expensive dash cams have, particularly a readout of vehicle speed on the forward facing view. Even apps like Waze display vehicle speed based off the GPS, is there any way for these devices to do similarly?

I agree, just received mine today and was told by Ring that it does not detect people. The Motion was what brought me to ring and got my attention now it only senses movement. I hope ring can add motion, person detection like the flood light , ring door bell, motions


This is a needed feature

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YES. We need the Speed of the vehicle add to this! Come on Ring Dev team!

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I just purchased one and I would not have had I know the MPH on-screen was not standard. I should have done more homework pre-purchase.

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Come on ring. Add MPH data that we can see live on the map, cna see on the video feed and can see historical speed on the map.

This really needs to be added. This is basic functionality offered on nearly every other camera on the market.