Capturing movements

Hi , my doorbell is only capturing some activity . It doesn’t record people arriving ! Just getting snap videos of Cara’s leaving . It jumps from 1 minute to another . Like there is a glitch? I’m having trouble with neighbours vandalising my car . But it’s not picking up much movement. It jumps . So by the time a person has approached my car it buffers them they have disappeared?

Hi @user77251. To clarify, Ring Doorbells do not record continuously. With an active Ring Protect plan, your Doorbell will record when motion is detected, someone presses the button, or the Live View is activated. Issues with motion not being detected can typically be resolved by adjusting the motion settings, and ensuring the signal strength is good.

The main motion settings to adjust would be the Motion Zones and the Motion Sensitivity. You can redraw the zones, and increase or decrease the sensitivity as needed. Battery powered Ring Doorbells will also have the Motion Frequency setting as an option. Lastly, verify that your Ring Doorbell has a strong and stable wifi connection. A weak signal can negatively impact motion detection and video quality.