Capture Snapshot -Not working?

My snapshot feature has quit working and is no longer loading pictures with my notifications. Is this an on going issue or was this feature discontinued? HELP!


Did you by chance turn OFF snapshot recording and then go look for them? It turns out that if you turn if OFF, then it will erase previously captured snapshots. You have to leave that setting ON and then go look at snapshots.

It’s me too!! Their customer service SUCKS and makes me so angry!!! I waited on hold for 30 minutes just for him to hang up on me. What’s even more bs is the fact that you pay extra for the rich notifications and mine haven’t been working for days !!! I have to open the app and hope I catch whatever was at my front door in time or else I’ll never know. Gotta be a widespread issue. I deleted the app, re downloaded, turned motivations off in my phones settings and I’m the app and turned them back on, made sure everything was correct and still nothing !! There’s no way to actually contact these people and get a reply either ! I HATE THIS COMPANY

Mine is the same. I get the notification but its not giving me a picture snapshot. I have checked the settings and its switched on.

We are having the same problem. One day it was working and the next it wasn’t. I spent the better part of the morning trying to figure it out with no luck. We have good internet speeds and didn’t change anything when this problem started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are folks here saying they are expecting notifications when each snapshot is recorded? That isn’t a feature. You set snapshots to be taken every 14 minutes or an hour and that’s all it does. Then you go to the timeline and look through each one. I just checked and snapshots are recording for me as they should. The only thing is the last one or two always seems to be delayed in actually showing up on the timeline.

Happening to battery operated ring device. Rich notification not working. Still waiting for the fix from Ring

Hi neighbors, the Rich Notification service for battery powered Ring devices is temporarily offline. Check out our Status Page for updates. Our team is working to resolve the issue to restore the service as soon as possible. We will make updates here as the team works to restore this service. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here in the Community!

@Riley_Ring I’m confused… what was the original problem here? Snapshot feature just records snapshots at designated time intervals. I’m confused about “notifications” associated with that.

I believe they mean the thumbnail snapshot you get with the notifications. Mine has also stopped working but looks like ring are on to it.

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My photo notifications are still not working. Been 6 days now

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This has been down since 8/5. What is the problem that thuis has not been resolved in a week? Thus was working fine till a week ago. What is the issue? There has been absolutely no update to the status page or via email for those that have subscribed in a week. Unacceptable for a service we are paying for.

@Emski ahhhh… thanks. Ring uses the term Snapshot for the actual snapshot feature. I understand now. Thanks

Hello @Riley_Ring I am having an issue where my cameras are capturing Snapshots, but they are not showing up on the Timeline in the Ring app.

I have Professional Monitoring and am having the issue that others are describing. I have two cameras (one wired, one battery) and each camera has Device Settings > Snapshot Capture set to “Every 14 Minutes.”

When I open the Ring app, I can see the latest Snapshots in the thumbnail images for each camera (assuming the last “event” was a Snapshot). However, when I click a thumbnail image for either camera, there are no Snapshots anywhere on the Timeline - they’re totally gone! The only events on the Timeline are Live View, Person Detected, Motion Detected, and Linked Events. Why did Snapshots disappear from the Timeline?

I should note that Snapshots do not appear under Event History either. Past Snapshots are not visible anywhere on the app.

So, it seems to be an issue with the app. The cameras are recording the Snapshots (I know this because I can see the thumbnails when I open the app) but they are disappearing from the Timeline. When will this be resolved? I spent awhile on the phone today with Ring Support which did not help.