Cant use ring 2 doorbell.

Anyone else have this problem? I bought a "renewed " ring 2 doorbell from Amazon. I was starting to set it up and had to scan the QR code. The app told me it is still tied to another account and I can’t use it. Customer support for ring said it would take up to 3 days for them to get back to me or I would have to send it back to Amazon.

Hi @Suspiciousferret. This kind of thing can be something you run into when buying a refurbished or previously owned unit. What this means is that the previous owner never removed the Doorbell from the account. We do have a team that looks into this, and it sounds like you’ve already been in contact with them. Their process can take some time, so if you would not like to wait, I recommend returning the item and purchasing a new one. Please also make the retailer aware of this as well so it can be prevented for any future owner. You can learn more about device ownership in our Ring Help Center Article here. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :smiley_cat:


As long as I can use it eventually I will wait. I did let the seller know. The service rep. that I talked to said she was sending it to a special department and they would be calling me within 3 days. Tomorrow is the 3rd day. I have never run into anything like this before.