Can't sign up without a device?

I’m trying to set up a plus plan, but the website directs me to the app. So I open the app to set it up, but it says I can’t initiate a plan without a compatible device. I’m signing up to take advantage of the 10% discount offer. I can’t get the discount without being signed up, but I can’t sign up with a device, defeating the purpose of the discount in the first place. What do I need to do to sign up for the plus plan and get the discount on the products I’m trying to get for my home?

Hey @Zachary34. If you do not have any Ring device currently on your account and at a location on the Ring app, you are unable to purchase a plan. For any device you know you are going to get for sure, you can purchase just that one device, set it up, and then get the Ring Protect Plus Plan to get the 10% discount for all future device! Please note that you must be on an active and paid for plan, as setting up a device will give you a free 30 day trial, and the discount is not given during a trial period.