Can't share Ring Bridge and Mailbox Sensor. Help!

Same here, very disappointed we can’t share the mailbox sensor with my family. Ring fix this ASAP… this is a huge short coming of this product… if not fixed ASAP I will be forced to abandon Ring for a competitor…

Obviously they are not worried about fixing this "oversight " it’s been over 6 months and still no change.

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Yes I need this as well, as many homes have multiple family members to get the mail… PLEASE ADD SUPPRT TO SHARE THIS ASAP

I am also waiting on this feature since the product came out.

An update on what’s taking so long would be nice, better yet… A software update to fix this oversight.

Ring sucks at adding even the simplest of user requested features. This one is a major oversight.

I would like to be put on the list to be notified when this sharing issue is resolved. Hope to hear from you soon.