Can't share Ring Bridge and Mailbox Sensor. Help!

I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing but I have already set up the Bridge and the Mailbox Sensor via Master Account but my shared users cannot see them (but can see all cameras though). Is there anyway to make this possible? Just want them to be alerted for mailbox notifications.

thanks in advance!


Same here. According to what I read, you can’t share ‘grouped’ devices. But it doesn’t appear you can set the mailbox sensor to NOT be part of a group.

Hopefully the admins can answer this question or bring it to the attention of the developers so that can be addressed and fixed.

Yep, this…

Seems like an oversight to not be able to share… or at least I hope.

During the setup of the mailbox sensor you’re allowed to assign it to a group. But no option to choose to NOT assign to a group. I hope that they address this development flaw so that my wife can also receive the notifications from the mailbox.

Hey neighbors. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Adding this for a Shared User is not a feature at this time. This is feedback that I have passed to our Mailbox Sensor team. We will monitor this and update you with any new developments on this integration. :smiley:

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Thanks Tom. This is definitely a feature I would like to see as well. I hope the team can find a way to implement it so that my wife can also receive mailbox notifications.


This is also a feature I would like. Thanks


Yes please add this. It was the only reason I got the sensor so myself and my shared user could see the notification only to find out I can’t share it.

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+1 this was disappointing

We also purchased this for the notifications and needed for shared users. May have to return the entire system we purchased the bridge as well just for the mailbox sensor. We are also having trouble it’s our ring doorbell pro not getting a internet signal strong enough to since adding the bridge and the mailbox sensor. I would hate to return everything. Thanks

This is honestly a huge oversight and something that should have been a feature to begin with. I bought this as a gift for my wife and she does not and cannot receive notifications because I cannot share the device with her. Since the device is forced into a group that it cannot be removed from, she is unable to see it or receive any notifications from the Ring Mailbox. This has been a complete waste of time and money as the person who wants to receive the alerts cannot.

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+1 Not being able to share this with others in the home is a serious product shortcoming.

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You have to be joking… this was bought for my wife and I can’t share it with her???


Agree this is huge oversight and fix is needed soon. Here is a workaround:

Used IFTTT and created a routine that monitors notifications on my Android. If notification is received from Ring and contains the word “mailbox” it will send a text to my wife’s phone.

Plus I have Alexa announce “you’ve got mail” on my Echos.


This is a really bad oversight. I bought this and had no idea I can’t share it with other people in my house so they know we got mail. We need this fixed ASAP or I’m returning it.

As a new user to Ring Security, I am super happy with the system overall. I decided to add two mailbox sensors and a bridge to the system so we could tell when the mail comes. We were really shocked and disappointed that sharing is NOT possible and these don’t show up in IFTTT to bypass the issue either. The bridge and mailbox products are almost useless without better notification, sharing, or IFTTT ability at very least. I feel the bridge and mailbox sensors were a total waste of time and money, very disappointing.

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