Can't rotate cam to get horizontal horizon!

I may be being stupid, but I’ve installed the Floodlight cam wired Pro, and set it up ok, but can’t rotate the camera to give a straight horizon. It will only rotate to about 20 degrees from the vertical. I’m not sure what to do to get it straight! Thank you

Hi @user41399. When you’re asking about rotating the camera, do you mean rotating the video in the Ring app? Or are you asking about rotating the Floodlight Cam itself? If you’re physically installing the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, you can find the installation instructions here to reference.

Hi, thank you. It is in physically mounting the camera, not rotating the picture. I have looked at all the installation details, and it appears to be a universal mount that should rotate in any direction, however mine stops moving at about 20 degrees to right of midpoint, not reaching “vertical” either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

@user41399 Would you mind sharing a picture of how your Floodlight Cam is installed? This would make it easier to understand what you’re seeing on your end.

Here it is! I can’t turn the camera any further to the right to face straight forward!

Thank you

@user41399 When adjusting the angle of your Floodlight Cam, you’ll need to loosen the screw in the grey collar. Once you have the Cam in the position you want it, you then tighten the screw. There are still limitations to the amount of adjustment that the ball and socket allow.

If you continue to have trouble with the installation of your Floodlight Cam, I’d suggest following up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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