Can't open live view of any of my cameras and call support is down?

Anyone else having issues with live viewing on any of their cameras? Cameras show their on in the dashboard but when I try to open the camera live view, it says there is a problem. Trying to call or use online Chat for Ring, it doesn’t go through, no one answers. I’ve tried repowering wifi, phone, cameras, nothing is working. Is Ring having issues?


Hi there. Having similar problems here. Cannot access the web viewer or the app. Had a look on Down Detector and it suggests that there is a growing outage in the UK…

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Yes, exactly the same symptoms. I’m in the UK and I was actually watching Live view as there was some trouble going down that I needed to report to the authorities. What are the chances! Absolutely fuming that I couldn’t record it. Had to try and discreetly use an iPad camera, as you can imagine, far from ideal.

Anyone any idea when the outage should be corrected and what the problem was….hackers, Russia, China, hardware, disenchanted staff etc

Same here was working now it’s completly down can’t see live view can’t see battery level can’t get on to anything is it rings problem or is it my doorbell

My Ring floodlight cams will not go into live view. Located in the USA.


I can’t access my cameras at all tonight. I tried resetting my password and and it won’t let me get pass two step verification. Keeps saying something went wrong. Can’t login on any device. No one answers the phone at support. I’m in the uk

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I am getting the occasional movement detection announcement but not sure if it’s just catching up old alerts. The floodlight LED lamps work but that’s about it. I’ve doorbell, 3 floodlights, 3 stickup battery cams and a powered stickup.

Expected better support from Ring. Appreciate they may not know what’s happening but share that. Give us a bit more intel……

I’m in uk and same problem no option to watch back events. Quite annoying as just had eggs throw at my car and can’t see who’s done it. Ring needs to fix ASAP. Also not being to get though by calling is annoying

Maybe if I lived in America care support would work

Nope. I’m in the US and when I try calling the 1-800 Customer Service Number it just rings and rings and then nothing.

Did you click on the link in the big red bar across the top of the page? Here’s the link for Ring’s status page Status

Same. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. Rebooted my phone. I can’t get past the 2 step verification. Nothing is working. I’m reading alot of the same problems but it seems to be a UK thing. Problem is I’m in the US…

No, it’s much wider than just the UK. Feel free to click on the link in the big red banner across the top of the page for the latest info.

I’m having the same problem. Been trying to call them and not getting a response. This is getting annoying

Good news back up and running and events from yesterday are saved soon I can try and identify the little shit who throw the egg. Thanks ring team

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Your Ring app and devices should be working as intended at this time. Check out our Status Page which confirms the recent incident has since been resolved.

If you are needing any further assistance, our support team is happy to help. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.