Can't modify Alexa announcement settings since latest update

Since the latest Alexa update (I believe), I cannot modify/enable the Announcements for my Ring Doorbell 3 Plus in the Alexa app. I can live view from the app, I can live view from my Show 10, but the app will not let me change the settings for Motion Announcements, Doorbell Press Notifications, or the newly added Person Detection Announcements. The ‘switches’ are there in the device settings but they are all in the off position and cannot be toggled on. I can toggle the camera from enabled to disabled and back, it’s just the 3 notification switches. I’m 95% sure this started when the Person Detection was enabled on the 27th.

I have tried: Uninstalling/reinstalling the Ring app in Alexa, including removing/rediscovering the device. I did this 3 times. Driving us a little bonkers over here because the only place I get notifications about my doorbell is on my phone and we’re missing visitors because for some reason people don’t knock when they see a Ring. Heh.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions from the pros? Stop breaking things Alexa!

Thanks in advance,

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I am having the issue. Just bought a Ring Doorbell 3 and am disappointed motion detection doesn’t alert via the Echo devices.

Same issue with my mother in law’s doorbell pro. It is connected to her alexa skill as well as mine. Her device handler has the new announcements section and none of her toggles work. Mine has the older menus and it works. Please fix asap so I can have a happy mother in law! We don’t want any unhappy mother-in-laws!

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Hi neighbors! Can you please share which version of the Ring app, the Alexa app, and your phone’s OS you’re currently on? If you haven’t shared it already, which Ring and Amazon Alexa devices are you using? Additionally, please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Alexa app regarding the inability to toggle the announcements. I’d like to see if there is anything in common regarding the app and OS versions or the devices in use when this is occurring. :slight_smile:

Alexa App version 2.2.473272.0

Ring App version 5.50.2

iOS version 15.4.1

My mother in laws phone shows the same screenshot above. She is using a Samsung galaxy s21+, android 12. When I was trying to debug, I Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of the app.

Same exact issue here as user 10630. Cannot change any settings in Alexa for doorbell camera. Was working a few days ago.

Hi Caitlyn. Here’s my info. Issue persists today 5/3.

Android Galaxy
One UI: 2.5
Android: 10
Ring App: 3.50.1
Alexa App: 2.2.456946.0

Here are some screenshots.

Panel zero (0) shows circled in red the toggles that are currently inactive. You can press them, and there’s the faint ‘flash’ of the row responding to the touch, but the toggle remains unchanged. I can successfully toggle the doorbell on and off (enable/disable) at the bottom of this screen (not shown).

If I touch Person Detection/Connect your camera in panel 1, and then touch Cameras in panel 2, and then enable front door with the checkbox in panel 3, when I save it takes me back to panel 2 with ‘cameras’ still listed as zero (0), and if I go back in to Person Detection/Connect your camera, it shows an empty checkbox (panel 4) with no changes in panel zero (0).

Please let me know if you need any additional information! My doorbell has been down for a week and it’s driving us low-level insane. :wink:


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Thank you all for sharing these details, as well as for the screenshots from @Ankhhouse. I’ve forwarded this thread onto the appropriate team so they can investigate this concern further. Once I have more information to share on a resolution, I’ll post an update here. For now, I will be marking this reply as the solution so other neighbors experiencing this concern can see that we have passed this feedback on already. :slight_smile:

Hi neighbors! I checked in with my team on this concern a few days ago, and they let me know it was resolved through a back end fix. You should be able to toggle the Doorbell announcements on via the Alexa app now. If this still isn’t working, or if you’re experiencing any type of error and extreme delay, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Thanks for your patience, and let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

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Mine ring door bell pro still cannot toggle.

Hi @user37958. You can find instructions on how to toggle on Doorbell announcement notifications here. You will need to enable the Ring skill in the Alexa app. If you already have it enabled, try disabling it and re-enabling it as a troubleshooting step. Also, make sure you have the latest version of the Ring app, the Alexa app, and your phone’s operating software. For further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

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