Can't make purchases in Ring shop (invalid multipass request)

Hi all,

I’m having the “invalid multipass request” issue mentioned here:

  • Invalid multipass request
  • Invalid Multipass Error - Can’t purchase any product or monitoring
  • Invalid Multipass - Week 4 - Still not fixed
    (I’m too new to post links to the second two threads.)

For context, it’s when you try to go to the Ring Shop and see the following error message: "Invalid Multipass request. The given email address is already used by another customer (with a different Multipass identifier). "

The support teams are unable to fix this issue, and have suggested the following over several calls:

  • Logging out and back into the account
  • Logging into the account on a different device
  • Logging into the account on a different browser
  • Not accessing the internet through a VPN (which I don’t have)
  • Using mobile data to access the internet instead of my WiFi network
  • Waiting until a fix is deployed “this weekend” (nothing changed)
  • Referring me to a salesperson to order on my behalf
  • Telling me to buy the products elsewhere

Additionally, I’ve tried changing the email address associated with my account, and that didn’t work either.

Has anyone been able to fix this issue on their own accounts? I want to use my own account, since I get a discount as a Ring Protect plan subscriber, and also have a coupon I’d like to use.

Alternatively, is anyone aware of how to get support to escalate issues to some kind of team that works on the website itself? This appears to be an issue related to how Ring’s website works with Shopify (Shopify Community discussion, so the customer service representatives really can’t fix it, but don’t seem to be able (or willing) to escalate it anywhere else.

Hi @user37923. This is the Ring Community where other neighbors, I, or other members of my team can offer general troubleshooting steps to help. When creating a ticket to have something looked into, it requires information that we do not have access to here in the Community. You will have to continue working with our support team to have this investigated. You can also reach our support team on Facebook by sending a private message to @Ring.