Can't get mobile phone alerts (Spotlight Cam Plus Battery)

Hello, I’m really struggling with my first intallation of outside Spotlight Cam Plus Battery and indoor Chime extender, wifi connection is good, motion videos showing when I open the app. But while the Chime isn’t sounding alerts of motion, it’s the Spotlight Cam I desperately need - it’s not sending any motion detection notification alerts to my Android mobile phone. I’ve checked the app and notifications settings on my phone, and in the Ring app. Everything ‘seems’ to be turned on. How else can I get alerts to my phone? I desperately need the motion detected alerts from the outside Spotlight when I’m away from home and at night. At the moment I can only see recorded motion videos when I open the Ring app itself. But that’s not helpful, need my phone to alert me.
(I’m now realising why everyone told me to use Nest Cam, they have speedy telephone support)

Hi @Keeks. I would first go over the troubleshooting steps listed here. Also, what OS version is installed on your Android and what version of the Ring app is installed?