Can't figure out what doorbell will work on existing system

Hi all,
Looking for a little advice. I’ve moved into a house built in the 1990s. It’s got a small mechanical bell chime (like a little school bell), and after testing with a multimeter it appears to be an 8V AC system.

I probably have enough knowledge of electronics to be dangerous - I assume the existing system is just an 8V loop with the mechanical bell and the switch in the doorbell in series, when you press the button it closes the circuit?

So I can’t figure out how the Ring doorbell would charge off the power supply without closing the circuit and activating the bell?
And I was looking at the non-battery hardwired doorbell, but I need to “bypass” the existing mechanical bell, and possibly wire a resistor into the circuit, which I don’t fancy doing.

I suspect I may be overthinking it, the website suggests the battery doorbell hardwired in would charge and also activate the mechanical bell when pressed? Is that right?