Can't disarm Alexa anymore in french


SInce a few days I can’t disarm Ring with Alexa in french in France.
Since months I use to use Alexa for that.
I can arm Ring with Alexa, I have to use the keypad or the app to disarm as it does’nt work anymore if I say the order to Alexa.
When I say “Alexa désarme Ring” (Alexa disarm Ring) Alexa answers she can’t help me. It seems Alexa doesn’t understand the order.
Is there something changed to disarm in french ?
Of course I have removed and reinstalledthe skill.

Thank you for you help.


I have found that the order has changed in french:
instead of saying (in french) “Alexa disarm Ring” we now have to say “Alexa disarm Ring Alarm” !
Which is not logical as we still say “Alexa arm Ring in away mode” and not “Alexa arm Ring Alarm in away mode” !!!
So either we always say “Ring” either “Ring Alarm”.
Who can help for this ?

Thank you