can't access purchase now for plan

This is for Ring folks: I am trying to purchase the protection plan (either one) but the website only hangs up after clicking purchase. I have tried several times over a couple of days going through different pages to access purchase page. keeps giving me the same not responding due to long script, so I stop script, left it and came by half hour later and still the site shows working and nothing. Ring personnel please fix or respond with solution. Website seems to work slow or just OK on the other pages like products etc or I get a not responding popup.

Hey @toothlessinSeattle. I would recommend to try another browser and see if works on there in order for you to sign up for the plan. If you are still having no luck, please contact our support team at 1-800-656-1918 for them to help you purchase the plan over the phone.

Do you have a UK number to call? I’ve been trying to purchase a plan too but it keeps going back to my ring camera history.
There is no way to purchase the plan

Hey @Scottylass78! Our UK number is this number: [01727 26 3045.](tel:01727 26 3045)

Additionally, you can always use our chat system here to purchase a plan that way as well. :slight_smile: