Cannot talk to Ring doorbell from Echo Dot

I just installed a wired Ring doorbell and two way talk works fine with the Ring app. However, it does not work properly with my Echo Dot and Alexa. I enabled the Ring Skill and disabled it two times, but that did not help

I went through the Ring troubleshooting procedures to no avail. So, I decided to do a complete reinstall of everything including the Alexa app. Everything went smoothly, and the Ring doorbell was discovered by the Alexa Ring skill. It works, except when I try to respond to the doorbell through my Echo Dot (or my taller Echo). I get a message on the Echo Dot announcing the front door bell. However, when I issue any of the commands like “Alexa, talk to the front door”, I cannot be heard outside at the doorbell. But, I can hear the person outside at the doorbell speaking to me through the Echo Dot.

Also, I can initiate two-way talk successfully if the doorbell has not been rung. This problem only occurs if the doorbell is rung. I’ve been messing with this for two days and have done everything I know how to do.

I hate to give up on this, but I’m to the point of returning everything to Amazon if a solution cannot be found. It’s useless to me if I cannot get two way talk working when the doorbell is rung.

Suggestions are most welcome.

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Sounds exactly like the problem I have with an Echo Show 5. I can communicate with a Ring Doorbell 3 at any time EXCEPT when answering a ring. The visitor gets dead silence. If I close the live view and ask Alexa to "talk to the doorbell’ I can communicate - but by then the visitor has had time to get back in their car and drive away!

Looks like we’re in the same situation. I’ve also posted this on an Alexa forum. If I get a solution, I’ll post it.

Hi neighbors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve shared this information with the appropriate team and it is currently being investigated. I recommend contacting our support team. This will allow them to deep dive into this issue and properly track it. Once a solution is found, they’ll be able to follow up with you via email.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. In the meantime, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, neighbors!

I spoke to Ring’s “support team” almost 2 weeks ago, and they told me to contact Amazon’s Alexa support. So, I did, and Amazon claims they are working on the problem and will get back to me by June 25.


This link helped me. I got mine working w/ my LG TV now. Creating a “Routine” in Alexa app works great! Read how here:

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Has Amazon Responded?

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I’ve got the same problem, I think that Ring/Amazon need to get this sorted ASAP. I’m going to try Hummingbirds workround and if that does not work it’s going back to Amazon ASAP!

Sorry Hummingbird, nothing there helps.

Please to see your issue, i think i have same issue and till date i can’t able to solve it.
i saw above all solutions but no any one work it.

Hi, any response on this issue please. I have the same issue, two way talk does not function from inside to out, only incoming voice heard - works fine on the app but not on alexa if someone activates the (motion or bell). Live view from Alexa is working ok

This is what I received from Amazon support. They never follow through on their commitments. Worst customer support ever!

I’ve changed my attitude about Amazon and only buy from them if I can’t find a viable alternative. Best Buy will price match Amazon, and you can do it online.

Here’s Amazon’s latest reply to me:

July 16

Thank you for contacting Support.

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you had with Ring Doorbell.

I have checked and see that it is a known issue our technical team working on it.

Since this requires detailed investigation, and the issue has to be analyzed more deeply to resolve the issue.

They will be able to investigate on this issue in details and they will come up with the best solution and also the reason for the cause of the issue.

Once we’ve the information from them, I’ll personally follow-up with this via e-mail to you.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. Errors like this are solved as soon as they are reported. We appreciate your bringing that issue to our attention.

Let me assure you that we are here to take care of your problem and we do take full responsibility for any trouble you have. ​

Be rest assured that we are here to take care of any issue you encounter and we always endeavor to provide the best service and aim to contribute in the best way to ensure that the issue is resolved to the fullest of your satisfaction

Received this today, July 27. I’ve been trying to get this resolved for almost 2 months. As I previously reported, Ring customer support says it’s an Alexa problem. Amazon has reported it’s a known problem, and has never denied it was their problem…until this:

OU: SUT AMZN Echo Email Reason for contact: Actions Taken: Promise made: No​

Thank you for contacting Alexa Support.

I am writing a follow-up mail regarding the conversation made for Ring doorbell not working properly that the other side person cannot hear talking.

In this case, we have received update from our technical team stating that its been a known issue causing from Ring (manufacturer end).

If you still face this issue, I humbly request you to contact Ring support for further investigation.

Have a Wonderful Day Ahead!​​

Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

Best regards,


So, Amazon support is dumping it on Ring who says it’s not their problem. Horrible support from both companies.

I had another chat with Amazon support today, and they insisted it was not their problem and that I need to call Ring again.

So, I called Ring support and a very nice lady helped me. She had me go through settings in Ring app, Alexa app, Google Chrome and my android phone. We enabled many things that were not enabled. Suddenly, I was able to successfully answer my doorbell on my Amazon Echo.

The first time I called Ring (early June), I went through all of the verbal instructions given me, and we never got the doorbell working with Echo. That Ring representative did not go through all of the settings that we went through today. If he had done so this problem would have been resolved almost 2 months ago. Instead, he insisted it was an Amazon problem!

We enabled so many things today that I am unfamiliar with, so I can’t say which one fixed the problem. She took a shotgun approach to resolving the problem.

My advice is to call Ring support and go through all of your settings with them. There is obviously a Ring installation issue that does not enable or tell you to enable a specific setting. I just don’t know which setting it is.

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