Cannot set up a chime

I’m really struggling to set up a chime on my network.

It did used to be on my network fine we had to relocate the router it’s been since then we have had this issue.
We didn’t change any settings on the router at all we simply moved it to its new location & turned it on. Nothing else has had any issue just this.

I have tried everything recommended.
Reset the chime, restarted router, moved it right next to the router, restarted the router it just will not set up.

I scan the code, I turn on the chime, the light flashes green, I get the wifi password, I get prompted to join the chime network & when it scans for wifi networks that’s when it fails.
No matter what I try I cannot get past this step.

Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kennypow. What type of phone are you using for the setup? If possible, try using a different phone or a tablet. You may also need to adjust some settings in your phone to get the Chime connect. Try turning off the Smart Network Switch or WiFi Assist. Let me know if this helps!