Cannot post to neighbors z

Saw some strange activity on my Ring system last night. Since then, I’ve tried multiple times to post on the neighborhood and Ring deletes my post and sends an email that it has the wrong category. I’ve tried them all.

Is the posting to neighborhood broken or is Ring analyzing my video and making judgement on the content?

Hi @Robgarrett. You can review the Neighbors App guidelines in our Help Center Article here, as you’ll want to make sure your video fits within these guidelines. You can also respond to the email you received regarding your post, and that will go directly to the Neighbors App moderation team, as they are a separate team from us. They typically respond to those emails within about 24-48 business hours so you can find out why your post was removed. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response Caitlyn, which is exactly what support tell me. However, can you please explain why two unknown individuals walking on my property at night (likely because they saw packages in my porch) is not a cause to alert neighbors?

To quote your guidelines: “Unexpected or unusual behavior of individuals that is cause for concern.”

Have something to share? Here is what you should report to your neighborhood:

  • Criminal Activity
    • Criminal activity involving, theft, damage, illegal entry, or violence.
  • Unexpected Activity
    • Unexpected or unusual behavior of individuals that is cause for concern.
  • Safety
    • Discussion of potentially dangerous incidents or activity.
  • Lost Pets
    • Missing and found pet family members.
  • Neighborly MomentsAn act of kindness from someone in the community

Same thing has happened to me. This is ridiculous, we should be able to share unexpected activity. I just tried to post a video of someone trying to open my gate and it was removed