Cannot log into online account

As title says I cannot log into my online account, I use a password manager, therefore the password cannot be incorrect. When logging in I enter email address and password, the login banner then becomes a lighter blue then nothing, it doesn’t send a code to my phone and the page doesn’t hang just sits there with a pale blue log in banner.

This is what I have tried so far, turned off my add-ons, deleted all history and cookies, manually typed in email address and password, shut down and rebooted PC, disconnected Ethernet cable and tried logging in using Wi-Fi, tried different browser, tried logging in with iPad got verification code on mobile entered it, still cannot log in through iPad, tried using forgotten password received email link changed password entered new password still cannot log in. Tried creating a new account that didn’t work either, The login page just sits there, nothing works.

I could log in online fine weekend, even when logged in here when I enter shop then try logging in it doesn’t work. I can log into the app on my mobile, just logged in to the app with new password on mobile so new password works fine.

Hi, I have the same issue so it must be a fault with ring themselves.
Hopefully they will correct this soon .

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Thank you for the reply at least I now know I am not the only one having this issue.

Your Welcome,
That’s why I came on to see if anyone else was having same issue and did not want to waste time all day !!

Site is back up and running as normal now able to log in.

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