Cannot log in

I no longer have access to the e-mail account the 2-factor code is being sent to.

I do not see any instructions for dealing with this anywhere. I cannot log into my old account. I created this account but I cannot register my device with this account because I cannot log into my old account to remove the device from that account.

Hello MWS,

For this type of situation where you dont have access to the email address of the account that your 2-factor codes are being sent to you would need to contact community support.

They will have you go through their alternate verification process which has you verify several peices of account specific information. If you provide the correct information they ask for, they can then escalate a ticket to get your email address changed to one that you do have access to.

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Thanks very much.

I don’t see anything on the Ring web page called community support, and I don’t see any forum here called support. Do you know how I contact community support?

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You are very welcome.

If you are in the United States you would either call 800 656 1918 or you can open a live chat from

The same above page also has phone #'s for contacting community support if you are somewhere else other than the United States

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