Cannot complete installation of floodlight wired

I have a bridge and a wired floodlight. I installed the bridge in the ring app, completed its setup, but cannot get the light to install. I know there’s power to the light, not sure if it’s supposed to come on at dusk when there’s movement, but so far it hasn’t.

Even tried setup from iPad and iPhone but it cannot find the floodlight from the app, standing at the light.

Hey @J0hnS. Are you getting any signs of life from the Floodlight Wired? If the light is not coming on whatsoever when you are nearby it, or even when you get up close to it, then there may be a wiring concern. Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on how to setup this device, and feel free to re-walk through the setup as described here!

Not at all. But we know the lines are hot, there’s only two wires, and we’ve redone the connections once to ensure it wasn’t wiring related.

@J0hnS Nice job double checking that! If you are still unable to get any signs of life from the Floodlight Wired and get it set up in the app, you will need to give our team a call here. They can do more advanced troubleshooting with you to see what else can be done to get this setup!