Cannot change Chime ringtone

I am having the same issue, bought a ring doorbell 3 and the Chime 2nd Generation.
Just installed everything and when trying to change the chime tone get the same message as shown above!!!
Maybe I should have gone for the Nest Door Cam :frowning:

Interesting why can’t they just release a new firmware globally, seems very unproductive and annoying updating firmware manually on a device by device basis for each person that calls support and has to wait for response!

After trying all the suggestions in this thread and having no luck, this is what finally worked for me on iPhone…

Pick your desired sound from the list, hit Save Changes, wait only about a second, and then force close the app. Might take a few attempts to get the force close timing right, but this worked for me twice in a row.

Good luck!


I have the same issue, exactly and no matter which of the above steps I try, I cannot change the ringtone on my brand new Chime. It is just so amazing. I wonder where I else I could post to get some attention to this, like Wirecutter. Or iFixit or Consumer Reports. Customers have gone for over a year without a fix? Really?

For those of you who can’t change your chime tone, maybe you should consider yourself lucky. Back in December I changed to “Deck the Halls” which worked perfectly and was enjoyable through the holidays. Afterwards I changed it to the “Antique Bell” which, again, worked perfectly. Unfortunately it still plays “Deck the Halls” along with the new tone. I can change to any and all tones and it will change - just won’t quit playing Deck the Halls. I’m starting to lose my Christmas spirit.

Unbelievable it’s over a. year and this problem is still not fixed.
I have tried all the generic steps in the “solution” but I still cannot change the tone.
Can I get my money back please?

Will Ring ever fix this? I have the same exact problem (8/14/2021). I have run through the full installation process twice and can not change the tone. In fact, if I try to change the tone in the app I can’t even continue past that step; “Continue” only works if the Default Tone box is checked.

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Sep. 12, 2021 and I’m having the same issues. I can’t change the chime ringtone. I select the new tone and then “Save Changes”, but receive a message stating hat my chime is currently updating and to please try again later, but my firmware says “Up to date.” This is very disappointing.

Hi there, @Majesty! This is the expected behavior when Changing a Chime tone or setting. The Chime device will save or update with these changes. Often times when a change is not saving or taking too long to change/ update, it can be due to connection. Please ensure the Chime is well within range of your router for a good signal. Check out our Community post for tips on optimizing wifi signal strength, or RSSI.

Please also check mobile device connection variables, including to make sure there is not a vpn enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: