Canada won't allow Bridge for Pathlights

I am having a problem with setting up a Bridge for Pathlights in Canada. I was told by support that you can’t use an Echo as a Bridge for pathlights because Canada won’t allow the use of the frequency for it. Even though I don’t see that mentioned anywhere else as even the Ring App shows it. They had also said they have the same chip in it as the ring bridge though, so I am not sure how the Ring Bridge works fine in Canada but not the Echo for it. Has anyone been able to get an Echo to work in Canada or has someone tried importing an Echo from the States and tried it.I did try changing my address for the Echo to the United States. But that didn’t work for it.

Hi @user73395. At this time, an Echo device can only be used as a Ring Bridge within the United States. We don’t recommend trying to purchase a device from another country to use within your own, as there are different regulations on the frequencies used in smart home devices. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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