Can you utilize multiple door sensors on ONE Echo?

I’ve googled and searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer. I want a single Echo to announce each individual door that opens. The reason I ask is because I’ve seen where people have setup routines on multiple Echos for each individual sensor. I also want to know before I buy an Echo. Thanks!

Hi @Pkolaboy. You can set up routines with your Ring devices and Alexa so that if a Contact Sensor is opened, your Alexa will play an alert or say a certain phrase. You can find the steps on how to set up a routine in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Ok but can I put multiple sensors on one echo via routines?

You can set up multiple routines to play on one Echo device. It’s not limited to only one routine or one device. :slight_smile: