Can you set up Alexa to arm and disarm ring if you just have motion cameras?

I have a Ring doorbell and Spot Camera. The Ring app now offers Disarm, Arm and Home modes. I can set up my cameras to turn off motion sensing in Disarm mode, which is a great feature for one click disabling.

I am trying to integrate with Alexa to be able to set system states, however, it is not working. Is Alexa system state integration only available if I have the Ring alarm system? If it is available without, where can I find instructions to set it up?


Hi @TrentW. Arming and disarming via Alexa is only available for the Ring Alarm system, which you can read more about in our Help Center Article here. As for what features are available for using Alexa with your Doorbells and Cameras, you can read about that here. You can review recorded activity, live activity, and receive notifications from your Doorbells or Cameras using Alexa. If you ever have any questions about Ring and Alexa, you can probably find the answer in our Help Center as well. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile: