Can you guys make videos longer than 180 days? Unacceptable

This is absolutely and utterly absurd, that we have to now Pay RING for a service, and only get up to 180 days of memory on event timeline history? Please, do tell me more with the cliché’ response of:

recordings can be stored for up to 180 days depending on your settings. Verify your Video Storage Time Settings in the Ring app to see if you have it set to store recordings that long. Also, if it was set to less and you change it to 180 days, that will not retrieve your recordings. I hope this clarifies your concern.

What if we were unaware of this fact? What if we are being subpoenaed to provide a video for a testimony in a trial? Even more so, what if we have the Event ID# after we have requested a copy of our information? How is that possible, that you retain event ID’s from multiple years, but not the actual footage? Why would you have one and not the other and vice versa? FYI, the subpoena is not a HYPOTHETICAL situation, it is in fact requested at trial.

you guys charge me 100% of my money, and I expect 100% retainment of the videos. Perhaps customers should also just decide to pay you for 90 days?