Can you commit you won't follow the Sonos strategy before we buy more Ring cameras?

Hey, first, thanks for your products and services. I love them.

And I did Sonos too, before this bonehead move of theirs to upgrade components "or else."

This in spite of the fact that 92% of all the products they’ve ever sold are still in service and that 38% of all 2019 product sales were to existing users. Talk about screwing over the loyal and the early adopters!

**Can you please commit to the Ring community that you won’t follow this strategy? **

I can’t believe that if I don’t get rid of my “legacy” components that it will impact my Sonos system, but that’s what they’re doing. I don’t want to believe that you’ll force us to update our “legacy” components in what is undeniably a bad strategy and relentless profit grab from the likes of Sonos. Consequently I, and likely others, are going to be reluctant to buying any more products where the hardware functionality is dependent on software updates that could turn our investments into bricks.