Can the Spotlight cam wall mount be used to tilt cam further down?

I need to tilt the spotlight cam wired further down as only have a small garden and need the light further down.

If I use the spotlight cam wall mount (Wall Mount – Ring) can it be used to tilt it down rather than like on the picture for more on the side?

If not is there any solution? The way my house and garden is the current tilt down isn’t enough.


Hi @L1111. The Wall Mount does provide 35° more of adjustment than the original mount. This might provide you with enough room. If it doesn’t, you can contact our support team for a return label and return the Wall Mount.

Hi thanks, that’s good then. Is it 35° downwards though, as the picture looks 35° to the side?

What is the max angle to the side also, as I’ve had another idea that I could mount it at the end and look, but that would mean I’d need to point the camera at almost a right angle when on the original mount?


Hey @L1111. I think you will find this Help Center article here very helpful. It has some great illustrations for the proper positioning of your Spotlight Cam. The key to optimal motion detection is to ensure that the bubble on the bottom is parallel to the ground. If you angle it more downward, you will have to experiment with how this affects the cameras ability to detect motion.